Banner for Marketing Campaign - Shape Your Community; Red background with a geometric abstract cut out to look like a window with buildings and trees. Text shows Shape Your Community - We want to hear from you! Tell us what you want to see added to your community. Hashtag #ShapeYourCommunity appears on the banner with the Zinati Realty Contact Information.

Tell us your thoughts for your chance to win!

As a leading commercial real estate brokerage, we have the special opportunity to positively impact communities by bringing in essential businesses and amenities. With strong ties to the Ottawa market, we aim to further connect with the community and collaborate with you to enhance the features you desire in your area. We want to know…

What do you want to see in your community?

Is there a type of restaurant you want to see? 

Specific stores that you would like to shop at? 

Amenities or features that you wish you had access to?

Let us know by filling out the form below! You can also post to your social media, tag Zinati Realty, and use the hashtag #ShapeYourCommunity to engage in the conversation. 

Enter To Win

As a thank you for telling us your thoughts, we’re excited to announce that each person who participates, whether through the form or social media, will be entered into a quarterly draw to win some fantastic prizes!

Thank you for your participation and for helping us shape your community!

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