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As a landlord leasing a property, finding the right tenant to occupy your space is key to your success. The search for a tenant can be difficult on your own. Knowing how to market the property, handling inquiries, scheduling tours, and negotiating lease terms takes precious time and energy that you may not have. Working with a landlord-represented leasing agent takes these important and necessary steps off your plate, allowing you to focus on other important business matters.

Standard steps to leasing commercial properties

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Marketing Your Property
Marketing today goes beyond old-school ads, using online platforms and social media for sales and leasing. But remember, connecting with local businesses, property owners, investors, and tenants still really speeds up property searches.
Tenant Screening
After generating buzz, focus on finding the right tenant by aligning property features with their needs, offering tours, answering inquiries, and performing credit checks.
Lease Negotiations 
After approving a potential tenant, proceed to lease negotiation where they present their offer including key terms like rental rates and obligations. Review and possibly counter their offer to ensure alignment on conditions and terms encompassing everything from zoning checks to inclusions.
Fit-ups and Preparing the Property
Once both parties agree on the lease, it’s signed and solidified. Depending on lease terms, you might need to prepare the property for the tenant with fit-ups, which can include anything from painting and flooring to space segmentation and adding doors/windows. Fit-up choices hinge on property specifics and tenant-landlord agreements.
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Why Partner With Us?

– Our team at Zinati Realty places a large emphasis on our relationships with local tenants, businesses, property owners, and investors. This gives us a large network of resources that we can tap into to help you find the perfect tenant. We take care of all the work from marketing the property to negotiating lease terms and commit to a fully transparent process the entire way.

Trust Zinati Realty

Partner with us and experience the benefits of working with a partner who uses a mixture of creative marketing, local relationships, and expertise to find the perfect tenant to occupy your commercial space. Fill in the form below and one of our team members will get back to you as quickly as possible, so we can begin the search for your ideal tenant.

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