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When owning a business of any size, maintaining it to ensure maximum success and efficacy is crucial. For many business owners, especially those with investments in multiple properties, it isn’t feasible to carry out management duties on their own. In addition, maintaining relationships with any tenants you have is of utmost importance, all while still having the time and resources available to pursue new business ventures and opportunities.

This is where we come in at Zinati Realty, providing comprehensive property management services for business owners in the National Capital Region. Our compelling insights, including a wealth of market knowledge and experience with clients in an array of business applications, make us an ideal fit for your management needs.

Our Property Management Services at a Glance

  • Dedicated, detailed, and accurate reporting
  • Financial planning and accounting assistance services
  • Portfolio asset management and market analysis
  • Risk assessments and feasibility studies
  • Administrative duties including the management of rents and operating costs
  • Business development and project management
  • Day-to-day tenant relations, maintenance planning, and more
  • Maintaining full compliance with governing bodies, regulations, and otherwise

Advisory Services

Your property portfolio is in capable, well-informed hands when working with us. From guidance on market rates to positioning for success based on your goals, we can ensure your business ventures are steered in the best possible direction. Whether you intend to buy, sell, or refine the approach to managing a property, our team is more than happy to assist you with our advisory services.

Protecting Your Assets

Our team has handled several prominent local portfolios in the past. Whether you need to ensure the best possible insurance policies are active for specific assets, improve security, audit your portfolio to see where there’s room for optimizations or otherwise, Zinati Realty can help you safeguard any business you own. We work within client budgets and schedules to ensure a smooth, beneficial relationship with them with maximum transparency.

Looking After Your Tenants

From landscaping needs to air conditioner repairs, general maintenance, allocating parking spaces, accessibility planning and more, we want to ensure an optimal quality of everyday life for any tenants you have. Retaining those who are consistently reliable with payments and minimizing churn is essential. We’re also happy to assist with any conflicts of interest that may arise between you and your tenants, acting effectively as the mediator to ensure as optimal a resolution as possible for both sides of the table. From tenant relations to caretaking planning and more, we’re here to help.

From Ground-Breaking to Tenant Move-in and Beyond

Every step of your business ownership journey can benefit from our approach to commercial property management in Ottawa and its surrounding areas. Whether you need our help with planning a new development from the ground up, accommodating for new tenants via an expansion strategy, or maximizing returns without sacrificing the needs of those occupying your assets, we’re here for you. Our connections, techniques, and wealth of commercial investment and management experience translate to your dream concepts becoming a reality.

Fully Compliant Business Management

If your operations are subject to local fire safety, building, workplace health and safety, eco-friendly, or governmental regulations, we see to it that they are adhered to. This mitigates the risk of unintended violations, protecting you and your tenants from unwanted risks. We’re happy to walk through the specific requirements for each individual asset you own, strategizing on appropriate approaches to ensuring full compliance.

If you’re interested in learning more about our commercial property management services in Ottawa, please feel free to reach out to us. Contact us today to get in touch with the Zinati Realty team, and let’s consult your portfolio together.

This position encompasses a range of responsibilities. Property managers are actively involved in every part of the process when it comes to a rental. For example, they can advertise the spaces and prepare vacant units for viewings. They will also draw up the lease agreement and often set the rental price based on comparables in the area.

Once a tenant has moved in, a property manager will serve as a communicator between them and the property owner. Sourcing and securing maintenance companies, managing tenant complaints, and conducting inspections are some other duties they may be required to perform.

Depending on your prior knowledge and experience, taking a property management course might be the right step towards breaking into this career. It will help improve any required competencies and inform you of best practices along with operational standards. In Ontario, real estate credentials and property management are closely linked, so you may be able to learn more information through a real estate agency. Basic skills like strong communication and organizational abilities are also an asset.

They certainly can. In fact, some property managers operate out of their real estate agencies as a way to bolster their skills and knowledge of the industry.

If you are planning on managing a building that is not your own, then yes. This is especially true if you are looking to become a condo manager in a new building. Property management in Ottawa follows the same rules as those established for the province, and thus requires certain certifications to qualify for this particular career.

There are a lot of documents to keep track of as a property manager. In general, the kind of file dictates how long it should be kept. Year-end financial statements, tax returns, and any legal documents should be held onto indefinitely. Invoices and other records can be retained for seven years. Any correspondence documentation with tenants or building personnel can be on file for three years.

Typically, property managers receive a percentage of the total rental income from the building they look after. Therefore, the more units, the more money can be made. While a 20-unit space may not be highly lucrative, building a portfolio of many kinds of properties can make this a considerably profitable business.

If you choose to live outside the region, ensuring you have proper property management in Ottawa can make all the difference. This is especially true regarding communication, the most vital tool for this profession. Renting to trustworthy tenants and having strict lease terms can help maintain certain standards. Maintenance schedules should be followed routinely, and befriending repair companies is an asset if there is an emergency you can’t get to right away.

If you own a property and are planning on being its manager, you do not need to have a license to do so. However, if you plan on embracing property management as a career, you must meet certain credential standards and hold specific licenses.

Part of being a property manager is dealing with a considerable amount of paperwork. Although these individuals have a hand in almost all aspects of day-to-day operations, owners may request specific information be shared with them monthly. This might include an income and expense statement, an operating statement, completed work orders, or vacant property reports.