Acquisitions & Buying

Buying real estate in Ottawa, is a challenging process that requires the skill and experience of a real estate acquisitions specialist.

Zinati Realty acquisitions specialists, work with you to determine an asset class that is right for you.

As one of Ottawa’s leading commercial real estate acquisitions companies, we provide financial analysis, determine fair market value of property, assist in buying negotiations and make recommendations on how you can increase cash flow.

Avoid over paying for property purchases; allow our real estate acquisitions specialists, to help you negotiate purchases with property sellers, and navigate the checkpoints.

We manage the step-by-step process and can help you through some of the more challenging obstacles such as the lending process, building condition reports and environmental assessments.

Real Estate Acquisitions Analysts

Real estate acquisition analysts and specialists simplify the process of purchasing real estate and make sure that your interests are protected. Our experienced agents are more than happy to assist with every step of the purchasing process, from searching for the property that is right to you to the legal details.

Our priority is to make buying commercial real estate simple, and save you time and money by eliminating much of the hassles involved in negotiating real estate deals.

Real Estate Acquisition Companies

Commercial real estate acquisition companies are inherently better equipped to address the broad scope of needs required to buy the best commercial property for your investment dollar.

Our real estate acquisition program, will simplify and optimize the acquisition process.  Zinati Realty is able to cover all facets of the purchase process; assisting you in making the best buying decisions.