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Our team at Zinati Realty is deeply passionate about empowering our clients to maximize the potential of their commercial endeavours. Whether you need to sell a commercial property, engage in consultations, discuss a potential acquisition, manage leases or otherwise, we’re an ideal choice. 

With years of experience and specializing in Ottawa-area property management solutions, you can count on us to make your next venture the most informed and worthwhile one yet. 

Our services include the following:

  • Real estate consultations
  • Commercial real estate acquisitions
  • Tenant leasing
  • Landlord listings
  • Selling commercial property in Ottawa

Real Estate Consultations

Our extensive real estate experience will assist you in all steps of the development process from inception to completion. We can assist you in purchasing the land, planning and development, seeking municipal permits, as well as coordinate the site project managers. We will use our experience to provide you with the projected income that will be generated from the property and consult with you to ensure your construction design will attract the best tenant mix.

We provide consultations on your real estate investments, ensuring your needs are met using the most cost-effective approach while still ensuring professional and effective strategies. We can help keep you on time and on budget.

Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions

Zinati Realty acquisitions specialists work to determine an asset class that is right for you. As one of Ottawa’s leading commercial real estate acquisitions companies, we provide financial analysis, determine fair market value of property, assist in buying negotiations, and make recommendations on how you can increase cash flow.

Prepared for Every Step

Avoid overpaying for property purchases. Instead, allow our real estate acquisitions specialists to help you negotiate purchases with property sellers and navigate the checkpoints. We manage the step-by-step process and can help you through some of the more challenging obstacles such as the lending process, building condition reports and environmental assessments.

Our Acquisition Analysis Process

Our real estate acquisition analysts and specialists simplify the purchasing process, all while ensuring that your interests are protected. Our experienced agents are more than happy to assist with every step along the way, from searching for the property that is right to you to ironing out the legal details. Our priority is to make buying commercial real estate simple, saving you time and money by eliminating much of the hassle involved in negotiating real estate deals.

Why Choose a Real Estate Acquisition Company?

Commercial real estate acquisition companies are inherently better equipped to address the broad scope of needs required to buy the best commercial property for your investment dollar. Our real estate acquisition program, for instance, will simplify and optimize the acquisition process.  Zinati Realty is able to cover all facets of the purchase process, assisting you in making the best and most informed buying decisions.

Tenant Leasing

Ottawa has some of the best tenant leasing opportunities in Ontario. Trust Zinati Realty to locate the perfect lease space for your business.

Helping you Find the Ideal Property and Location

At Zinati Realty, we understand the key to customer satisfaction is communication. For all commercial property leasing requirements including retail space, office leasing, or industrial environments, our agents can assist in locating the ideal option to suit the future leasing needs of your business. Whether you need to ensure optimal foot traffic for a retail store, proximity to the city core for commuters or otherwise, we’re here to help.

Lease Your Dream Space in Canada’s Capital

Our extensive knowledge in tenant leasing and market overview will assist you in identifying what you need in a space. We find suitable properties and coordinate the tours. Whether you are a new company, relocating, or renewing your lease, we will manage the process from start to finish with precision and attentiveness. That way, you can focus on the things that matter most to your business. 

Available commercial lease types include the following: 

  • Retail space leasing
  • Office leases
  • Commercial property leasing
  • Industrial leases

Our goal is to ensure you get the best space, at fair market value with the best lease terms possible. When working with our professionals, your tenant lease is our priority. With that in mind, commercial leases can be complicated and come with many variations. Industry-standard options typically include the following:

  • Percentage rent lease
  • Gross rent lease
  • Net lease
  • Net-net lease
  • NNN or triple net lease (net-net-net)

Narrow Down Options and Make Informed Decisions

Our dedicated leasing team will assist you in determining which option works best for your budget, development plans, and long-term needs. For example, what is specifically included in your lease? Does it include parking, heat, air conditioning, cleaning and maintenance, security, and/or landscaping? Can you negotiate and get a better deal? Lease contracts should be reviewed by independent legal advisors to ensure you are fully protected and aware of both the landlord and tenant’s lease responsibilities, and we’re happy to point you in the right direction. 

Landlord Listings

Our commercial lease agents make suggestions and recommendations to ensure we target the highest market rent and best tenant use for every available commercial space. Our unique marketing program, along with close relationships with tenants and industry professionals, provides our landlord clients with maximum exposure and optimal traffic results.

More About Our Leasing Services

Creative real estate marketing and our extensive network allows us to maximize the potential of each listing. It’s never been easier or less stressful to find the ideal tenant; you can relax while we handle all inquiries and showings, saving you time and improving your results. In addition, you’ll receive timely feedback and reports on all activity and leasing inquiries, so you’re always kept in the know. Our longstanding relationships with local business and industry professionals keeps us current with the Ottawa-area real estate market. 

From Valuation to Negotiation, We’ve Got Your Back

When it’s time to close the deal, Zinati Realty acts as your agent during lease negotiations. You benefit from our extensive experience in commercial leasing to ensure your lease will adequately protect your interests and investment.

Our services for landlords include:

  • Market valuations
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Lease negotiation and preparation
  • Tenant Screening

Selling Commercial Property in Ottawa

Commercial properties in Ottawa sell faster when you have the right commercial real estate agency managing the listing. With our capabilities, market knowledge and years of expertise, we at Zinati Realty will bring you the right buyer at the best price.

We Know the National Capital Region Inside-Out

Ottawa property sales and brokerage services are our specialty. Our unique marketing program and close relationships with industry professionals, qualified investors, and property buyers is an invaluable asset. It’s how we’re able to provide our clients with maximum exposure and enable for optimal results. Close sooner and find your dream buyer!

Get Insights from Our Industry Insiders

There are several questions we hear regularly from commercial sellers, including but not limited to the following:

  • How do I sell commercial property quickly?
  • Should I sell my property?
  • When do I sell commercial property?
  • How do I price a commercial property?
  • What is my commercial property worth?

To answer these questions and get results, local knowledge and experience is key. It’s best to reach out to us so we can provide a detailed and more informative explanation – we’re happy to assist and lend our insights, tools, and more. 

Why Choose Us to Manage the Sale of Your Commercial Property

When selling investment properties, we focus on highlighting your properties’ best and most attractive features. At the same time, we’re dedicated to ensuring it is highly visible to qualified buyers and investors. When selling your property, we work closely with qualified buyers and industry professionals to navigate key deliverables including financial reports, engineering surveys, maintenance records, leases, and other documentation. This is crucial to ensure the buyer understands the benefits of the investment property.

Comprehensive, Informed, and Detail-Driven Service

Selling your Ottawa-area commercial property goes well beyond simply listing it online to attract potential buyers. In addition, we help manage viewings and negotiations. We also provide advice that will assist in facilitating the sale. We don’t merely want to sell your property; our team does everything we can to ensure your listing is sold within a reasonable timeframe to the best buyer – and at the best price.

At Zinati Realty, we offer comprehensive service to our clients and customers and will handle all aspects of the sale of your commercial property, from finding potential buyers to ensuring that the paperwork is completed with diligence in a timely fashion. Regardless of whether you need our consulting, acquisitions, tenant leasing, landlord listing, or selling services, we’re happy to help you make a sound investment decision. Get in touch with us today!