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Searching for an ideal space that aligns with your portfolio and real estate goals? We’re happy to help here at Zinati Realty, providing you with informed access to a wide range of properties. Whether you’re searching for a commercial lease in Ottawa, bare land, prime real estate for hospitality service development or otherwise, we’re an ideal choice. 

What Kinds of Properties are Available in Ottawa?

We’re able to help you narrow down your choice from a variety of options. These include office rentals in Ottawa, industrial properties, bare land, and even hospitality spaces. With our years of expertise in commercial real estate services and a passion for client satisfaction, you can count on us to help you make a well-informed and worthwhile leasing decision. If you still can’t find the space that suits your business’ needs, we can help. Contact our Ottawa commercial lease experts at 613-853-4106 to schedule a viewing or to answer any questions.

What Are My Options for Leasing Opportunities?

The ever-changing world and economic landscape mean that the selection of ideal leasing and rental properties in the National Capital Region changes almost daily. From cozier and more cost-effective retail spaces to sprawling multi-floor offices ready for hybrid deployments, we’ve helped our clients find ideal locations that check all the boxes and then some. We work within your established criteria and requirements to ensure that all recommendations fielded your way are well worth considering, effectively narrowing your search. 

How Do I Set Up a Commercial Lease in Ottawa?

It all starts by knowing the essentials including the condition of the property, city fees, and other relevant factors. Research – and plenty of it – is fundamental to your success, and that’s where we come in. With our connections, market and industry knowledge, and ample insights, your journey towards leasing a commercial property an easier and more streamlined process. We also ensure that you fully understand and are comfortable with the terms of an agreement before signing, not afterwards, and we can walk you through approximate costs associated with leasing a specific property with data-driven accuracy. 

What Happens to a Commercial Lease After the Property is Sold?

At any time, a commercial property owner may choose to sell their building for whatever reason they choose. It is important to note the sale of the building your business is located in should have no effect on your lease contract. The former owner will be required to provide the complete information of all leases on the property that the new owner is purchasing. Moving forward, a tenant will pay rent to their new landlord and remain occuping the space for as long as their contract is for.

A commercial lease is considered a legally binding document. Made between the landlord and their business tenant, this contract highlights the rights and responsibilities of each party throughout the lease term agreement.

However, if you have any specific promises or clauses made by your previous landlord that are not in writing on your lease or an addendum, the new landlord is not required to follow the same practices as your previous one. If you’re worried about your commercial lease in Ottawa because you and your landlord have agreed to some terms that are undocumented, it is best to get them in writing sooner rather than later.

How Much Notice Does a Landlord Have to Give a Business When Selling their Property? 

A commercial landlord is not required to give any advance notice to their tenants if they are considering selling the property. Legally, a formal notice is required in the event that the building has been sold.

More than likely, the transition of ownership will not affect a business renter since the buyer must agree to the leases already in place on the property. The new landlord will inherit the responsibilities of the previous one, and be required to uphold all of their duties throughout the term of a business’ lease.

Tips for Searching for a Commercial Lease for Your Business

Perhaps you’re about to come to the end of your commercial lease in Ottawa or are looking to rent a space for the first time for your business. Commercial leases are generally considered contracts between knowledgeable parties. As a result, there is less provincial protection available to commercial leasers than residential ones, since there is a range of different businesses that might seek out a commercial lease. As a result, there is more bargaining power associated with these contracts, because they don’t follow rigid rules. The commercial tenancies act does exist to protect the rights of the tenant, however some contact clauses may override what is outlined in this document.

Once you have found some potential places to rent for your business, there are a few factors you should look at before signing on the dotted line. These include the following:


The location will often determine the rental price of commercial space. You’ll also need to take into account how much square footage you’ll need, and if curb appeal is important to you. Consider aspects like zoning laws, environmental expectations and nuisance laws in the areas you are looking in.

Rent Amount

Establish how much you will have to pay each month, and whether that will increase year after year. Some leases require you to pay utilities on top of rental costs, so understand the full scope of costs to determine if this is the right move for your business.

The Type of the Tenancy

This may be a fixed-term agreement or one that renews periodically, such as monthly.

Repair and maintenance obligations. If these items are not within your budget, you may want to find a lease where the landlord will cover them instead.

Insurance Requirements

Your business’ previous insurance might not be enough to cover renting commercial space. Take the time to review what is needed in the contract, and contact your insurance company to discuss any specific details.

Security Deposit

These fees are standard on many commercial properties. Review the amount, and what it covers. 

At Zinati Realty, we are always happy to assist our clients in any way that we can. We’re renowned for our attention to the finest of details, our passion for customer service excellence, and our willingness to answer any questions or concerns tied to commercial real estate ventures – including when it comes to leasing and rental opportunities. We’re also able to consult and advise on optimal approaches for your portfolio, assist with property management needs, and more. We also recommend viewing some of our many successful projects with clients over the years.

Deciding on the right space for your business can be difficult. If you are looking for commercial space for lease in Ottawa, Zinati Realty can help. We pride ourselves on having the skills necessary to help with buying, selling, and leasing commercial property throughout Canada’s capital. To learn more, contact us