Giving back to the community

Being a local, boutique commercial brokerage, a large part of our work deals directly with communities around Ottawa. We need to know the communities we serve; what the people of the community care about, what makes them tick, and what the community needs. Using this knowledge, we are in a better position to find the perfect location for a client’s business or the perfect tenant who will not only fit a space but will flourish in the community the space is located. 

We believe that the best way to connect with the community is to reach out and offer our help wherever possible. There is no shortage of organizations or associations with community-focused initiatives to work with and many people in our community who need support and assistance, giving us plenty of options for community service.

our day with Shepherds of good hope

For our first community outreach initiative, we decided to connect with Shepherds of Good Hope, a local non-profit organization. 

Their mission is to foster hope and reduce harm in Ottawa by supporting people experiencing homelessness and the vulnerable adults in the community through specialized services, programs, and partnerships. Knowing the depth of the housing crisis we are facing, we felt like this was a great place to start. 

Our team met bright and early in the morning and met with our volunteer coordinator, who got us set up and ready to go. Together, we stepped into the kitchen, donning gloves and rolling up our sleeves to dive into our first task: food prep. From chopping potatoes to making sandwiches and preparing peanut butter containers, each member of our team played an important role in making sure the food was prepared with care and attention. Guided by the skilled staff at the shelter, we worked towards our common goal with determination.

With the meal prep complete, it was time to serve lunch. We lined up behind the service counters and greeted the guests who arrived. Each plate we handed out gave us a deeper appreciation for the community we were serving. While we cannot fully understand the struggles that clients visiting Shepherds of Good Hope experience, it was humbling to be able to reach out with a moment of connection.

Throughout the day, our experience became more than a task; it became a shared experience that brought our team closer together and helped open our eyes to part of the struggles our neighbours experience. As the day drew to a close, we left grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such a meaningful cause and humble by the resilience and strength of the individuals we had the privilege of serving. 

We thank the people at Shepherds of Good Hope for allowing our team to spend the day volunteering with them. It is an experience we will hold onto for a long time, and we hope to be able to work with them again in the future. 

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